I have been teaching now for over 12 years and have decided to pay tribute to the Progress and achievements of some my students. For thoese students not included who would like to be included just drop me an email. 



Joe has been with me for about 3yrs up untill then Joe had never played the drums. He mentioned to me a while ago that he would like to enter a competition, I thought this would be a good idea as he has always been reluctant to do any exams. I thought  by doing the competition it would boost his confidence, We set about going over one of his Rock School grade 3 pieces that he had learned in 2017. He worked really hard on perfecting the piece and all his hard work paid off, He finished as the over all Winner of his class. A really amazing job. Well Done Joe, keep up the great work.


Harry is one of my newer students, I have being teaching him for about a year now, The first couple of months he was becoming familier with basic reading and learning some basic patterns as well as over coming some learning difficulties with basic coordination and fills, although Harry sometimes finds things difficult to grasp he has never given up and always turns up to his lesson with a smile, Today (3/2/2018) he put everything together and gave an amazing performance, I am so proud of this young man as I am with all my students. Well  done Harry.  

Sam Green

I have being teaching Sam for the past six years, He is a student who has continually suffered with self doubt and lack of confidence, over the past year he has made terific progress and this was a great oppertunity to capture him playing. Well done Sam a Great job.  



I have been going to teach Edward at his home in Tockwith for the past 12 months. I turned up for Edwards lesson this week to be greeted by the young man holding two sheets of A4 Manuscript full of simple groove and fills, Yes I had to adjust some of the fills but the rest of the work is all Edwards what a great job. WELL DONE EDWARD



If you havn't read about Wills determination please go to his page and have a read of an amaizing Young man .

Click on his picture to go to his page


What can I say about Lawrence except a true pro in the making, whilst I have been teaching him and taking him through his grades he obtained a distinction for his grade 6 in 2014,  Now in 2016 He has atained a distinction for his Grade 8 Rock School . He and his band The outside South have performed at many venues around leeds including the O2 Arena, They have also made it to the finals of the Center Stage Competition in 2015.


One of my first female students to realy achieve her dream of playing in a band as well as achieving two distinctions in her exams along the way, Although I no longer teach her it is still nice to go and watch her play from time to time. If you would like to read more about Liz and her sucsess please click on her image and it will take you straight to her news page. another truly inspirational young lady