I am Proud so many of my students have given me such great feed back, Here are just a select few.

Our son has progressed exceptionally well with Nigel's tuition. He is patient, thorough and has a wealth of knowledge and techniques which he willingly shares. He works with our son to find his strengths and preferences while teaching him a variety of techniques. We cannot fault him.

Michael John Clear


Nigel has been teaching our son Dexter for 18+ months now. He is a great teacher with a balance of tough and fair. Dexter wants to do a good job for him to make him proud!! As a teacher he cares and we believe he goes above and beyond in his duties as a teacher. If you're undecided - go with him... He knows what he's doing!!

Samantha Sweet


Nigel's lessons are always very positive and relaxed, whilst being at the same time focussed and I have made great progress under his guidance and teaching over the last 4 years. He is a very pleasant teacher and really fun to be taught by, I would recommend him to anybody who wants to learn drumming and have fun doing so.

Daniel Bonser


I had Nigel teaching me for 8 years and ever lesson I had was amazing, he pushed me to do my grades which I'm really thankful for. And he will go a above and beyond to help you learn. 

Aaron Potter


Nigel has been teaching me for several years now, he is a great teacher. He is wise and knowledgeable, I have progressed a huge amount under his supervision and would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn the instrument! 

Lawrence Barker


Learning to play the drums isn't easy. You need to practice and get yourself a good tutor. Nigel has lots of experience, patience and is committed to his teaching, and knows how to play the drums! I would highly recommend taking lessons with Nigel. Thanks Nigel 



I have been learning the drums with Nigel for around 2 and a half years now. I had never played before but it had always been a dream for me to do. Now my dream is a reality! I felt nervous at the start as the drums seem to be 'male dominated' however Nigel really made me feel at ease with the kit and his teaching style is excellent. I would highly recommend Nigel to anyone that would like to learn to play the drums. Thank you Nigel for putting up with my randomness!!! :) 

Liz Allen


I have been having lessons with Nigel for around 5 years and would definately recommend him. Nigel is an excellent teacher who has the ability to make learning to play the drums properly a fun thing to do whilst improving your playing with each lesson . My playing is million times better for having him teach me. He isn't too bad on the drums himself, as much as pains me to say it!! Keep up the good work Nigel. 

Rob Wilkinson


I have been taught by Nigel for about a year. I did not know anything about playing the drums (I used to reproduce what I was listening to). With him, I learn't everything: basic patterns, techniques, (para diddles, doubles), counting (really important!!!). With him, I tasted what double bass can be like - real FUN! I wish I had stayed in Leeds to continue lessons with a really good guy and professional teacher.
I would definitely recommend him to anyone who would like to learn how to play the drums! 



Nigel comes to us every friday night to york to teach me and my son, which is a big commitment for him ( especially when he gets lost Haha).I would reccomend him to anyone , a great teacher and great guy , and very professional 

chris and dominic judge


Nigel has been teaching my 11 year old daughter for a about 9 months now and she has improved a great deal .Nigel is a fantastic teacher and a brill drummer . 
thanks nigel 

martin atkinson


My name is Adam lockwood. I am a 16 year old student and have been drumming for 6 years. Nigel has been teaching me since April 2007. Nigel's a nice guy who is easy to get on with, he never gets frustrated or loses his temper. He is a great teacher and drummer. His teaching got me a B in GCSE music and my drumming has improved tremendously. 

Adam lockwood