Free Rudiment Lessons

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Single Stroke Roll

The first rudiment we all learn is the single stroke roll which just consists of single strokes in each hand. 


Double stroke Roll

The Double Stroke Roll exercise is also known       as the Long Roll or the Double Stroke roll.             


5 Stroke Roll

The 5 Stroke Roll as demonstrated in this video consists of 2 sets of doubles and one single beat played as an accent

rrllR  llrrL

The Six Stroke Roll

The Six stroke roll is played as two single notes and two double notes with the single notes being accented.

R ll rr L

Single Paradiddle

The Single Paradiddle consists of 2 single strokes and one double stroke which then swaps it on to the opposite hand.


The Paradiddle Diddle

The Paradiddle Diddle is a single paradiddle but with two extra notes attached to the end played with the opposite hand.


The Flam

The Flam is a simple rudiment but very difficult to perform acurately.

We play a Grace note just prior to the actual beat.

lR rL lR rL

Moving Accent

This is the MOVING ACCENT exercise taught to me by Pete Riley at ACM. I believe it is originally taken from David Garibaldis book Future Sounds. 

Finger Exercise

This is a short Video which shows how I was taught to strenghten my fingers by playing Singles, Doubles and Paradiddles on my for armes with my sticks.

Hope this helps.