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Due to demand I am opening up my own practice room to a limited number of local students who would like to come and have drum lessons with me. For the past five years I have prided myself as a mobile teacher on being able to get to as many students homes as possible, but due to excessive demands some of the local students are missing out. For a limited number of students I have decided to teach them in my own personal drum room. 

This has been made specifically for practice and as such has been professionally sound proofed and is kitted out with two kits side by side and full audio  play along facilites for student progression. 

If you live local to North / West Leeds and you would like to be apart of the select few to have drum lessons in my studio, then please click the button below and click Nigels Studio.

Lesson Prices

60 min  Lesson - £28

 45 min  Lesson - £23

 30 min  Lesson - £18

Covid aware I will always ware a mask and sanitize the equipment before and after each student.