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Good Luck Liz Allen

(February 17, 2012)

I am proud to announce the success of one of my students, She came to me almost three years ago with no knowledge of playing the drums what so ever, Her father had very sadly passed away a few month earlier leaving her with the knowledge that she must pursue her dreams, one of those dreams was to learn to play the drums and to become a member of a band.

I am realy proud and honourd that from all of the drum teachers she could have chosen from in the Leeds area, she picked me to help her full fill her drumming dream.

She has already gained two Distinctions from her Rock School exams, and has secured her seat in the popular Leeds band the INBETWEENS. Her first Gig is at Milos on March the 10th.

I would like to say more about this girls determination, but to spare her any embarasment I will simply say:

Thank you Liz Allen for allowing me to be apart of your success.

Liz Allen 1

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