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Ireland Trip

(June 23, 2008)
Hello one and all,
I have been reminded that it is just over a year ago that I last posted any news,How time flies by !!!!
Well as you will see from my site I am just in the process of creating a new page regarding one of my other instruments "The Bodhran" . So I thought I would tell you about a little trip that I have just Got back from.
Over the Past year I have been Trying to find a Bodhran Teacher that could take me to the next level, and give me some real insite into the tradition of the intrument and how to use my technique to the full, However this has not been fruitfull, so I decided that if I was to learn what I needed to know then I had to surround myself with mucisians that really know about this kind of thing, so I packed my bags and off to Ireland I went.
Unfortunately due to commitments here i couldn't get over in time for the World Bodhran championships, however I was only a week Late so there was still plenty of top player's around, as I only had a week I had to make the most of the time that I had over there, Yes you guessed it I was straight down to the pub the first night to see the player's at first hand "with a pint of the Black Stuff in Hand". Was I disapointed absolutly Not, By the last night of my trip I had spent everynight in variouse public houses drinking lots of the Black stuff and listening to Not only the Bodhran player's but also to the various other musicians.
It was in a pub called Kytllers in Killkenny, that i came into contact with an amazing band called the Hillbilly Porter Band,  after chatting with them and demonstrating my playing I was invited to have a jam with them. At the end they invited me back to sit in on there next Gig which was last thursday unfortunately I had to be back here on the tuesday so it was not to be, However we have exchanged details and they have asked if I would sit in with them the next time I am in Ireland.  

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